Folk Customs on Mid Autumn Day Mooncake Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important festival in Singapore, beside the Spring Festival, and it has been a habit for the Chinese admire the moon, to offer sacrifice to the moon and eat cakes. The individuals link the get-together on the ground and the lunar in the skies, bestowing Mid-Autumn Festival with setting.

Sacrificing to Moon

Sacrificing to moon has names in From worshiping areas of Singapore, offering sacrifice to Moon’s custom originates, and it was recorded that sacrifice was offered by the kings during the Western Zhou dynasty to the lunar in autumn. Sacrificing to the actions was extremely popular in the Song dynasty, which is now a habit and is transmitted for this day. The offerings include grapes, apples, plums and watermelons in addition to incenses, of which watermelons are essential, as well as the watermelons are carved into patterns.

mooncake festival

Admiring Full lunar

Admiring mooncake festival prevailed from the Tang and the Song dynasties, during which restaurants and all resorts were refurnished, offering fruits, snacks to people, and the night market was more prosperous. The lunar was appreciated by the families with snacks and fruits, in their houses.

The custom was Welcome following the Qing and Ming dynasties, and several activities emerge such as burning incenses, light tower lamps and setting the lanterns.

Eating Moon Cakes

As the saying goes that the moon Is extremely round on 15 August, and the cakes are yummy and sweet. Cakes were used to Goddess, which symbolize reunion of their families owing to its round shape for offering sacrifice. The workshops emerge, leading to Delicateness in materials and shapes. Cakes are stamped with patterns, such as Change Flying to lunar from the Milky Way and Three Pooling Mirroring the Moon. The round cakes are sent as Gifts to relatives and friends.

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